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From Retirement Planning to Stock Option Management,

We've Got You Covered

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

Financial planning is something of an umbrella term. It covers everything from retirement planning to stock options, and all that lies in between. Some financial advisors specialize in certain types of financial planning, but we do not. Instead, we offer comprehensive services that take into account your entire financial well-being. Below are just some of the financial planning services we can offer you.

Retirement Planning

The way we approach retirement planning is about more than just having enough money to survive on; we plan so that your retirement years are as fulfilling as you always hoped they would be. By implementing our recommendations, you should remain financially independent even after you leave the working world behind.

Tax Planning & Preparation

For most of our clients, taxes are the largest expense that are paid throughout their lifetime. Our services are designed to help our clients save money on taxes while also experiencing minimal stress when it comes to filing each year. As CPA-based firm, we have significant training and experience in tax planning and preparation. Our team will assist you throughout the year so there is no scramble come the tax deadline in April.

Investment Management

We are often told it is important to have an investment portfolio, but few people know how to approach creating one. If you work with us, you do not need to worry; our team will ensure all investments fulfill specific functions and are applicable to your unique needs. We make your investment portfolio work harder for you by using strategies that benefit you during upswings and keep you stable during downswings.

Stock Options & Equity Awards

Equity awards are a great opportunity for aiding your financial stability. However, they are complex, and many who do not specialize in finance find them to be overwhelming. We specialize in managing non-qualified stock options (NSOs), incentive stock options (ISOs), restricted stock units (RSUs), stock appreciation rights (SARs), employee stock purchase plans (ESPP).

Estate Planning

When we think about estate planning, we usually think about making a will. However, proper estate planning should reach far beyond that. It involves making choices that establish the well-being of future generations, your end-of-life considerations, dealing with estate taxes, and transferring ownership of everything from cars to businesses. We can help you make the right choice and implement an estate plan with the assistance of an estate attorney.

Insurance Planning

Having the right insurance coverage protects you financially. We can help you determine the types of coverage and coverage amounts you need to protect your financial security. We can discuss the variables at play in depth so you understand why we make the suggestions we do. Our team does not sell insurance products, so our recommendations are motivated only by your well-being.