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Mike Skolnick, CPA, PFS, RICP®
Senior Advisor and President

Welcome to Axiom!


When you need the best possible financial planning services, the Axiom team and I are here to deliver them to you. I’m Mike Skolnick, President of Axiom Advisory, LLC, Certified Public Accountant, and Personal Financial Specialist. We know how much effort you invest in earning the money you make, and we believe that you deserve a protected financial future.  

As you work with the Axiom team, you will quickly understand how seriously we take our work and how honored we are for you to place your trust in us. We go the extra mile when we render our services, making certain that you receive professional and dedicated care. This is your future, and you should never settle for anything less than the best financial planning services.

While Working Together You Can Expect

Value for your Money

We are committed to providing value that exceeds our fees. Doesn't it make sense that your financial advisor works to save you more than he or she charges? 

Unlimited Access

Life is constantly changing. We can meet as often as necessary. What's most important is securing your financial well-being regardless of the number of times it takes for us to meet.

High Professional Standards

As Certified Public Accountants and Certified Financial Planners, we are devoted to working at the highest level of ethical, professional, and fiduciary standards.

Straight Talk

What you'll always get from us is the truth. As good, or sometimes difficult, as that might be, heaving the right information to make informed decisions usually leads to financial success.

Fee-Only, Why Does it Matter?