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Axiom Advisory, LLC

An Experienced Financial Planning Firm You Can Trust

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

All of the pieces of your finances are related. You can't make changes to one without it affecting the others. As comprehensive financial planners, we can see the big picture and help you with all aspects of your financial life. We've got you covered, whether it's retirement planning, investment management, tax planning, tax preparation, estate planning, or insurance planning.

Structured Investment Management

Trusting your investments with template-driven asset allocations and hoping for the best is not enough. There’s too much at stake. Your investments should be aligned with your goals and managed to lower your current and future tax liability. We will spend a lot of time selecting appropriate securities and building custom asset allocations that will help you get the most from your investments, lower your taxes, and maximize your returns.

Professional Tax Planning & Preparation

We are a CPA-based firm and understand the tax code. Proactive tax planning must play a significant role in the financial planning process, so we integrate tax savings strategies into every aspect of our work. We also prepare federal and state tax income tax returns. This allows us to become more intimately involved in your finances and ensures you comply with ever-changing  tax laws and regulations. 

Fiduciary-Level Services

As a fee-only firm, we are bound by a fiduciary oath and are structured to remove conflicts of interest. We always put your needs first. Some advisors are not held to a fiduciary standard; instead, they can make recommendations that are suitable but not necessarily in the best interest of their clients

Sensible Fee Structure

Most advisory firms charge their clients based on an assets under management (AUM) fee structure. We feel that this is the wrong approach. Based on the complexity of your finances, we charge a flat annual fee only for the services that you need. By using this fee structure, we remove conflicts of interest and become pure consultants. Think of us as your personal CFO.

Jenny and Micah

Axiom in Action

Jenny and Micah came to us for financial help. Jenny is a self-employed psychiatrist, while Micah has worked for several tech firms. Jenny’s practice had grew over the past few years, and she created a SEP IRA to save for retirement. Jenny was unsure how to invest her savings and placed the entire balance in a cash fund earning little interest. Micah had been receiving RSUs from his employer and was not sure why he still paid so much tax despite his employer's sell-to-cover withholding. We worked with Jenny and Micah to understand their plans. We built a tax-efficient asset allocation that aligned with their goals, prepared a multi-year tax projection to minimize their taxes, and showed Micah how to adjust his supplemental withholding rates to avoid paying extra tax. 

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