Estate Planning

Estate Planning is for Everyone

A common misconception is that one must have a lot of zeros at the end of his or her net worth to need estate planning. This is not true. In fact, to protect children, beneficiaries, and charitable organizations, it’s likely that everyone could benefit from estate planning.

We help clients develop estate plans to…

Legally designate custodians for minor children

Administer assets for the benefit of a surviving spouse

Structure the ownership of assets to avoid probate

Draft durable powers of attorney, health care directives, and wills

Transfer assets to charities in a tax efficient manner

In-House Services

We have teamed up with Helios Integrated Planning (HIP) to provide estate planning services directly to clients. HIP is a team of experienced attorneys that deliver trusts, wills, health care directives, and durable powers of attorney to financial advisors and their clients.

For most clients, we can provide estate planning documents at the fraction of the typical cost. There are times, however, when estate planning becomes extremely complex. For these cases, we refer clients to professionals that have experience dealing with the specific complexities involved.

Case Study

“Jeremie” and “Amy” are clients that moved from California to a non-community property state. After their move, it was important to change the title of their investment accounts and update their estate planning documents to reflect their new residency. We worked with our custodian to re-title their accounts and provided them an updated living trust, powers of attorneys, medical directives, and wills.